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Fourplot Service

The “fourplot” is a one page summary plot of a recording which can be used as an initial screen to check its quality. The figure below is one such example.
fourplot example plot
This plot shows ten minutes of spontaneous activity from P1 ferret retina recorded using an MEA. The name of the data file is given at the top of the plot.

  • A: the estimated position of each unit is plotted. Each spike train is given a unique number; overlapping numbers indicate that more than one unit was assigned the same position.
  • B: the firing rate estimated in one second bins, averaged across the entire array. Periodic elevations in firing rate, followed by long periods of relative silence, are characteristic of retinal waves.
  • C: the raster showing the spike times of all units (starting with unit one at the bottom).
  • D: the correlation index plot

The Fourplot service reads data in from MEA retinal data formats from the following labs; Genova, Sernagor, Chalupa, Wong, Litke, Sanger and Feller.

This service is written in R and based upon code from the R Sjemea package.

Analyse Waves Service APS2

This service takes the output from burst detection service and classifies the bursts into waves. The resultant waves are saved to a mat file, and two PNG plot files. Examples of the PNG plots are shown below.

Bic_90min_SpkTs_bursts_wavesBic_90min_SpkTs_bursts_30wavesThere is also an option to generate a movie of the waves – an example of which is Bic_90min_SpkTs_bursts_waves.

To run the service, there is an example available on the CARMEN portal – find the service, and select the “Run Examples” option.