Retinal Waves Repository

The Retinal Waves Repository is a curated repository of multi-electrode array recordings of spontaneous activity in developing mouse and ferret retina. The data have been annotated with minimal metadata and converted into HDF5.

Keywords: Retinal waves, Spontaneous activity, Electrophysiology, HDF5, Multielectrode arrays

A paper describing the repository by Stephen Eglen et al, is publically available on the Gigascience site

Click to view the Eglen et al Retinal Waves paper on Gigascience

For those interested in viewing the retinal waves repository and it’s associated resources on CARMEN, we have a document describing them

Click to view the document : Retinal Waves Repository and Associated Resources on CARMEN

The files are available on the CARMEN portal by selecting the following link (please note that you will need to have an account on the CARMEN system to access the resources)

Click to view the files on the CARMEN portal
Click to view the files on the CARMEN portal