CARMEN is free to use for academic or related users, however you must first register yourself with the platform in order to use it.

To register, open a browser at

CAREMN portal landing page

You will notice the login panel in the top left corner. Underneath this is a panel that reads “Sign up and get started with CARMEN”. Selecting this panel will  open up the registration screen.

Registration pnel

To register you must agree to our terms & conditions, which are available via the link on the registration page, or can be read here. If you agree, then click the “I agree” box, and enter your details in the fields provided. Note that your password must be between 6 and 14 alphanumeric characters long, and must contain at least one capital letter, one lower case letter and one numeric digit. Please make sure your contact details are correct. Once you are happy with all these fields, click the “register” button. You will then receive an email confirmation with a request to activate your account. Once the activation link has been clicked, you can use CARMEN.

Please note that we require your information for our own purposes, and DO NOT distribute any of your details to any third parties.

A video walkthrough of the above process is available below.