Login and introduction to the system

Once you have registered you can log into the platform at https://portal.carmen.org.uk. The login panel is in the top right hand corner of the screen. Enter your username and password.

If you have forgotten your username or password, click the link “Problems logging in?” in the login panel. This wil bring up a panel that provides options to recover your username and/or password.

Once you are logged in, you will see, by default, the workspace view. In the workspace view there are two main panels; left and right. The left hand panel relates to tasks that are selectable via the tab at the top of the panel. Selecting one of the tabs on the left hand panel also controls the view in the right hand side panel. There are 4 tabs currently, one each for data, services, workflows and publications.

The Data View shows a file tree in the left hand panel, as well as a search panel. The file tree contains four folders:

  • Public – contains links to data that have been made public to registered CARMEN users;
  • Groups – contains data that have been allocated to a group that you are a member of;
  • Your Userspace – where you can upload your data, and generate derived data via services and workflows;
  • Shared – contains data that has been specifically shared with you.

Selecting a file from the file tree displays information about the file in the right hand side panel, as well as a selection of buttons that perform certain tasks on the file.

Note that initially you will have no data in the folders, other than the public folder. Users can use the search panel to find public data, or if you are new to the system, you can click on the tag cloud that is visible if you click on a folder.

The Services View shows a search panel and a service tree view in the left hand panel (Note that a service comprises executable code that can perform an action on data held in the data repository). The tree contains a list of service “favourites” and a service execution log. The search facility allows users to find services that are accessable to them. Services, like data, can have public, shared, private and group access. The favourites folder contains shared services that have been bookmarked, and services that belong to the user. Again, there is a tag cloud for new users based on the most popular keywords for the available services.

Selecting a service displays information on that service in the right hand panel, as well as a range of action buttons that allow users to view metadata, run the service,  and help information, etc.

The Workflow View is similar to the services view, except that the workflows are made out of combinations of services. There is a design view for creating and editing workflows.

The Publications View allows users to link academic publications with data, services and workflows held on CARMEN. A search facility allows users to find existing CARMEN publications, and from there view the paper (via a link to the publisher) and browse the CARMEN resources that have been used within the paper.

A video walkthrough showing the different areas of the portal can be seen below