Creating New CARMEN Services

If you want to create and deploy new CARMEN Services, please contact the CARMEN team via the support email. We currently only allow trusted/known users to create services as to do otherwise would be a security risk.

CARMEN services allow your analysis code to be deployed onto our platform with minimal code changes. We support C/C++, Java, Python, Matlab, and R, plus any compiled executables or scripts that can be run from a command line. We support multiple operating systems,; currently CentOS Linux 5, Scientific Linux 4, and Windows server. With the aid of some textual descriptions about the purpose and usage of the code, the code is automatically wrapped into a java class (as a JAR file), and a corresponding metadata document (XML file). To deploy the service, the JAR and XML are uploaded to the CARMEN portal by the admin team. We are happy to help you at all stages of this process.