A core part of the  work for the original CARMEN projects was the development of: (i) minimum reporting guidelines for annotation of data and other computational resources for the purpose of sharing, and; (ii) intermediate formats and APIs for translation between proprietary and bespoke data types. We are implementing these recommendations in CARMEN and we encourage the global community both to engage in their specification and make use of them for their own data sharing systems.

MINI: Minimum Information about a Neuroscience Investigation

This framework represents the formalised opinion of the CARMEN consortium and its associates, and identifies the minimum reporting information required to support the use of electrophysiology in a neuroscience study, for submission to the CARMEN system. These guidelines are a work in progress and will evolve.

NDF: Neurophysiology Data Translation Format

This framework provides a vendor-independent mechanism for translating between raw and processed neurphysiology data in the form of time and image series. We are implementing NDF in CARMEN but it may also be useful for third party applications. We encourage its uptake.